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Happy 4th Of July!
Posted by admin on 04 July 2016 10:33 AM

Here’s to a wonderful 4th for all our American friends – may you have a glorious red, white and blue day!

Your FinestShops Team!

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Happy Canada Day!
Posted by admin on 01 July 2016 11:33 AM

canada-dayDid you know? Canada Day comes a three days before U.S. Independence Day — nothing like getting an early start for a party!

We wish a happy and safe Canada Day!

Just a friendly reminder that our office will be closed on Friday July 1st for the Canada Day holiday. If you require an emergency support, please submit an urgent priority ticket at

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security_updateWe’ve got a fair number of inquiries about emails sent by Authorize.Net with the subject “Authorize.Net Technical Updates Reminder” and email from Paypal with subject “2016 merchant security upgrades”. It’s a scary possibility to have your store’s checkout down after June 14 or June 17 or whichever date they will pick so an urgency of those inquiries is understandable.

First of all, this is done to protect you and your customers so, take it easy and check if your store is ready or not.



  1. SHA-256 signing algorithm support

    Your server has to support SHA-256 connection (this has to be verified by your host and all servers we manage already support this) and your domain should have SSL certificate issued using SHA-256 signing algorithm.
    To check, go here: , enter your store domain name (ex: and hit [Submit] button.
    Wait for 2-3 minutes for test to complete and check if you see this line:Signature algorithm: SHA256withRSA


    If you do not see SHA256 – contact your host (by the way, if you see score less than “A” on this test – contact your host and send test URL so they can fix the issues).

  2. TLS 1.2 will be required for all HTTPS connections.In the same test, check for TLS 1.2 under Protocols, you should see YES to the right of it.
    * at the same time, check if SSL 3 is disabled – this is related to POODLE vulnerability which is another story not related to and Paypal updates but worth checking anyway.
  3. HTTP/1.1 will be required for all HTTPS connections.In the same test, check for HTTP/1.1 under “Protocol Details”, you should see “NPN: Yes http/1.1”


4. Shopping cart patches

Some versions of X-cart require several patches to be installed. X-cart guys were kind enough to post the list here:
Please contact X-cart support or contact us if you need help with installation of those patches in your store (we do not charge for security patch installations).

We are not aware of any updates related to this security changes required for Magento 1.X and Magento 2.X stores.

I hope this will help you to sleep better at night and we are here for you if you have any questions.

To your success!

Anton Pachkine – Managed and Hosted E-commerce packages for Small Businesses.


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ppcPay Per Click (or PPC) marketing is one of the most effective methods of getting people to your website. By paying for each visitor, you can easily display advertisements in the paid advertising section of search results or web pages related to your business. This article is the first of several that aims to enrich your understanding of pay-per-click marketing and covers the value and various platforms that support PPC. The second article will cover costly mistakes to avoid when starting PPC marketing and next one will explain what is “Remarketing” and how you can use it.

Value of PPC

Pay per click marketing is an extremely valuable tool for any business. It helps with stability, provides useful statistics and is great at targeting a specific group of people you want to visit your site.

Diversified traffic and revenue sources

Having a large variety of different traffic and revenue sources is important to stability and long-term success. Companies should have many different revenue streams and traffic models to attract more clients from a wide area, but also to minimize the impact of issues. For example, if a company relies solely on search, and the search engine algorithm is updated, the company may be deranked and lose customers. On the other hand, if a company had diversified traffic sources, such as both search and PPC, then an issue with the search will be less likely to affect the company.

Sales and conversion stats

A useful feature in PPC ads is that they are automatically tracked. When you run an ad campaign, you can review statistics and information to gauge performance. This makes it easier to optimize conversion rate and cost per acquisition to lower the expenses associated with marketing. Most of the time, the lower the costs in relation to revenue, the better. This is why optimization of conversion rates is important, and a significant amount of testing is required to figure out how to get more sales.

Better Targeting

From a glance, PPC may look like an extremely broad, hit and miss approach. A way of putting your ads in front of anyone who searched for a specific keyword. This however, is not an efficient method, leading to low conversion rates. To fix this, Google AdWords, for example, has a feature that allows you to upload your customer list, and AdWords will track sales and customer data. This allows you to refine targeting by aiming for people who have already bought and those who are similar. This “remarketing” is an extremely effective way of getting more value out of customers. Additionally, dynamic search ads allow you to show ads that are based on the content on your website and not just specific search words you set. This can remove the need for keyword lists and even landing pages, and improve your return on investment. Audience targeting with PPC is only going to continue to improve over the long haul, so it’s better to be a part of the wave than to be left behind.

PPC Platforms

Google AdWords (

The most popular option just because of the sheer volume of traffic that it can provide. Google is the world’s most used search engine, with over 65% of the search engine market share, according to

  • Great traffic volume: Google’s access to ⅔ of people using search engines allows them to show your ad to extremely large quantities of people.
  • Immediately show in top results: There is no need to wait to get to the top, as long as you outbid your competition.
  • Clicks can be expensive: The cost per click is usually higher compared to the other services.

Bing Network (

The next biggest slice of the search engine market, Bing accesses the majority of the market that isn’t covered by google.

  • It has lower CPCs: Costs per click will be generally less than with Google providing a cheaper way to test keywords and campaigns before transferring them over to AdWords.
  • Faster customer service: If you have questions, it is easy to get support and they reply very fast.
  • Disadvantage is a lower search traffic: Bing has only 16% of the search market so the volume is almost 4 times smaller than Google’s.

Facebook (

This social network allows you to promote your products to the more than 1 billion users that currently use it. With over 50 percent of all active users who visits daily, Facebook provides you a massive audience.

  • Multiple targeting filters: you can target by demographics, locations and interests.
  • Largest audience: Facebook has an extremely large user base that can be reached.
  • Lower click-through-rate which is typically much lower than Google or Bing. Facebook users aren’t actively searching for your products.
  • Needs constant update: you will need to constantly change your ad copy to avoid ad fatigue.


Hopefully, this article provided useful information for your store, the next article will cover common mistakes in pay-per-click marketing and how to avoid them. And another one will look into details of setting up a “Remarketing” campaign (have you noticed how some company’s ads are stalking you on the Internet ? We’ll show you how to do the same). Stay tuned!

Daniel Pachkine | 1(800)675-0162
Upgrade Your Store – Upgrade Your Business!


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grammarlyI used to send all blog posts for proofreading, but that was too much hassle and took too long, so I stopped. This made posting articles easier but too many errors slipped in and posts looked unprofessional. Recently, someone recommended a service from Grammarly ( I signed for a free trial and was blown away by the quality of real-time check it provided. Even with a free account you get the next level of corrections compared to standard browser or MS Office spell check. I loved it so much I upgraded to a premium version the next day.

Grammarly plugin installs in Windows, MS Word and Chrome browser and will check spelling, punctuation and grammar (if you do not know the difference, you definitely need that service). If you do any writing at all like blog posts, articles, customer service, product descriptions and etc. consider using this service. If you use this link:, you will get a free week of Premium version.

To your success!

Anton Pachkine [ Click here to book a call ]
Managed e-Commerce for businesses without a large IT department | 1(800)675-0162 ext 704
P.S. Talk to us if you are considering upgrade of your online store

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Paypal Payments in Online Store – Why to offer Paypal and Ways To Use It
Posted by Daniel Pachkine on 12 April 2016 09:56 AM

There are many different payment alternatives to credit cards and many people prefer not to use credit card online or use it as little as possible. You hear about “Google Wallet”, “Pay with Amazon”, “Apple Pay”, “Bitcoin” and others and wonder if you need to offer those methods in your store. After all, it would be foolish not to allow customers to pay for the order the way they want but how to start?

The one used most by far is Paypal. According to an online statistics gathering service, in 2014, 79% of digital wallet users preferred Paypal and with almost 180 million active users, Paypal will help get and keep more customers.digital_wallet_service_usage


Another way to compare interested in “Paypal”, “Google Wallet”, “Pay with Amazon”, “Apple Pay” and “Bitcoin” is by using Google Trends. It’s not exactly usage volume but still gives some perspective:

Paypal vs Google Wallet, Pay with Amazon, Apple Pay and Bitcoin

Why use Paypal?

Paypal is a popular, fast and safe way to pay. Customers can easily check out in a few easy steps and save time by using their Paypal account to pay with their balance, credit card or Visa Debit card.

Paypal has an “Express checkout” feature that makes it extremely fast and easy for people with accounts to checkout. All they need to do is just login and press “Pay”, this makes those who use Paypal frequently choose your site, and stay as customers. According to Ipsos Study you can boost sales up to 18% by adding Paypal Express Checkout.

For those who do not have accounts, Paypal offers an optional, simple and easy to use system for paying with credit card or Visa Debit without sign up for a Paypal account.

Types of Payments offered by Paypal


  • No Monthly charge
  • 2.9% + $0.30 or less Transaction fee
  • Accepts credit cards and paypal
  • Mobile payments
  • Online invoicing
  • Included by default in Magento and X-Cart
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  • 10$ monthly
  • 2.9% + $0.30 or less Transaction fee
  • Everything above
  • Pre built checkout templates
  • Seamless checkout for customers
  • Mass payments
  • Option to offer financing to your customers using PayPal Credit
  • Included by default in Magento and X-Cart
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  • 35$ monthly
  • 2.9% + $0.30 or less Transaction fee
  • Everything above
  • Control of entire payment experience
  • Cart integration and API
  • Take credit cards by phone, fax or mail order
  • Requires extra module to keep PCI compience
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PayPal DPM for X-cart Module

Paypal direct post method for x-cart is a payment addon that works with your Paypal account to make payments that are PCI Compliant and and compliant with the new PA/DSS standard. This module does this with minimal setup hassle, and it does not change anything in checkout, maintaining a seamless checkout for customers.


  • Customers never leave your site!
  • Open source! This means if your cart is customized, you can edit this module to work with your customized cart!
  • Allows the store owner to complete PCI compliance with a Self Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) A, instead of the more complex SAQ D*.
  • Offer “Save Credit Card” for faster checkouts to your customers using tokenization

If you do not accept Paypal payments in your store, you are losing orders and customers who went to your competitors instead.

Talk to us today about adding Paypal payment option to your store to get more sales and loyal customers.

Daniel Pachkine | 1(800)675-0162
Managed e-Commerce for businesses without a large IT department

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